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Samsung Galaxy S22 Big review

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a lot of gadgets operate on a “tick-tock” development cycle, with the most well-known being past iPhones that sported fresh designs, only to be replaced a year later by more sophisticated but similar-looking T variants. After Samsung korea ticked the with a fresh new the design of last year’s S21, now the company has returned with the greater polished Universe S22 and S22+. While they might look nearly the same as final year’s phones, there have been some notable upgrades, especially on the S22’s display, performance and camera.


Though I’m still uncertain how much My spouse and i love Samsung’s Littoral Cut camera design and style, the Galaxy S22 very much seems and feels just like a high-end product. The exterior involving the phone attributes Samsung’s Armor Metal alloy that’s recently been polished into a near-mirror finish, while using S22 also belonging to be able to the first devices designed with Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus+ to be able to protect the product via drops and scuff marks — at the front and in rear.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Design

Though I’m still uncertain how much My spouse and i love Samsung’s Littoral Cut camera design and style, the Galaxy S22 very much seems and feels just like a high-end product. The exterior involving the phone attributes Samsung’s Armor Metal alloy that’s recently been polished into a near-mirror finish, while using S22 also belonging to be able to the first devices designed with Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus+ to be able to protect the product via drops and scuff marks — at the front and in rear.

To incorporate a little piquancy for the mixture, the particular S22’s backside sporting activities a lovely dull texture – which often does a amazingly good job regarding resisting fingerprints. In addition to for 2022, Samsung korea also spruced upwards the S22’s shade options with brand new shades of eco-friendly, white and green, along with very good ole black.

Such as previous Galaxy T phones, the S22 posseses an ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader, in addition to after a lot of small adjustments its algorithm in addition to increasing the technology, this time appears seriously fast. Inside my opinion, area code the phone had been practically instant, and am never really leaped into recognition problems unless my fingertips were legit moist or greasy.


Special has had a lock on the crown when it comes to making the best mobile displays in the business for a while now. Yet on the S22, the company has outdone itself once more with displays that can hit a peak brightness of just one, three hundred nits on the S22, or an astounding 1, 750 nits on the S22+. Suffice to express any fears of the S22’s display being hard to read during immediate sunlight are unproven.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Display

Next, to make things look even better, Samsung created a new feature called Vision Booster designed to amp way up things like compare and color vividness in very shiny or dim conditions. While there’s no indicator or pop-up that lets you know it’s working, I came across the result most pronounced when I used the phone outdoors, with more subtle changes in the black when compared with phones like the Pixel 6th Pro. I found Vision Booster made dark scenes better to parse, but even when viewed side-by-side, I basically was required to press my face up against the phones to really see the dissimilarities.

But regardless of where you are, the ending end result is an exhibition that lives in technicolor, pumping out stunning shades and colours, along with the properly dark inky blacks which will make OLED screens so enchanting. Plus, as a result of a 2, 340 back button 1, 080 image resolution and a changing 120Hz refresh rate, everything from photographs to gifs look sharp and crispy.


The particular Galaxy S22 collection is one of the very first phones to feature Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8 Style 1 chip, which when combined with 8GB of RAM MEMORY and 128GB of storage (or 256GB if you choose the upgrade) leads to a phone that seems blisteringly fast. Within my experience, there isn’t really something you can present to the S22 which makes it even perspiration, aside from things like hardcore multi tasking when linked to an external keep track of via Samsung Dex (which is still greatly a thing).

Samsung Galaxy S22 Performance

Although some reports announce that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Gen 8 Style 1 has a new proclivity for working hot, S22’s pre-installed vapor chamber cooling down system effective with keeping throttling to be able to a minimum. In comparison to the S21 FE, which in turn features an elderly Snapdragon 888 computer chip, our S22+ placed scores in Geekbench 5’s Compute test out around 25 better (4, 708 compared to 5, 999). And even while the difference wasn’t as huge in Geekbench 5’s CPU test, typically the S22+ still placed a higher single-core score of a single, 213 compared to be able to 1, 061 intended for the S21 IDEOLOGÍA.

As for cellular connectivity, all editions with the S22 and even S22+ support most the important flavours of 5G, which include Verizon and AT&T’s new C-band variety.


Following recent advancements from competition like the apple iphone thirteen and Pixel 6th, Samsung is actually enjoying catchup to The apple company and Google in the camera team. And while Korean is touting a number of new camera features for the S22 and S22+ like Adaptive Pixel and various “Nightography” advancements, the true upgrades are the S22’s new sensors — specifically the one due to the 50MP main camshaft.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Cameras

Because of that significantly higher resolution (up from 12MP on the S21), pictures from the S22’s main wide-angle camera are just flat-out crisper than before. Yet more importantly, the S22’s primary camera offers wider powerful range and huge improvements for low-light photos. In more dark scenes, the S22 uses a four-to-one pixel binning method that combines four adjacent pixels into one big -pixel, which allows for improved light level of sensitivity. The result is brighter pictures with richer colors, especially at night. Even though Google’s Night View still has a slight advantage over Samsung’s Night Setting, the S22 has seriously narrowed the gap.

Elsewhere, you also get a good 12MP ultra-wide camera with a 120-degree field of view, and a 10MP telephoto camera with a 3x optic zoom, the second option which is important because neither the standard iPhone thirteen or Pixel six comes with a dedicated zoom zoom lens. So once more, the base S22 is among the most well-rounded camera cell phone for the money. And in front side, the 10MP selfie camera captured sharp pictures of my face including my many pores and blemishes, though you can always play around with Samsung’s beauty settings if you would like to put on a smoother face for social press.


Samsung Galaxy S22 Software

The particular Galaxy S22 range comes with Samsung’s One UI 4. 0, which is based on Google android 12. That means since it has long supported features like scrolling screenshots, the primary upgrades in Samsung’s latest Android pores and skin would be the new Personal privacy Dashboard and personalization choices for your home screen, application symbols and the phone’s UI. Similar to what’s available in Google’s Pixel mobile phones, the customizations allow you to established a constant color palette across your phone’s menu, while new mic and camera notifications be sure you know when applications are accessing critical hardware components.

Additional software upgrades include Live Sharing online Duo, which is a Samsung-exclusive feature that lets you share your display during video talks. It’s simple and effective, even if it’s not quite as full-featured as Apple’s SharePlay in iOS 15. In addition to for those trying to keep better a record of digital documents the ID, credit playing cards, and even digital car keys, Samsung korea also made a new Digital Finances that can safely store all of the things in one place.

Battery life

Samsung Galaxy S22 Battery

Displaying 3, 700 together with 4, 500 mAh batteries respectively, the two S22 and S22+ have respectable endurance. But if sustained a very long time between expenses is very important to get you, the S22+ is obviously the higher opt for as it held up 17 hours together with 33 minutes in this local online video rundown test, when compared to just 18 hours and forty seven minutes for any typical S22. And kudos to its 45W wired charging (up from 25W asking on the S22), the S22+ state of mind up way more quickly too. In both equally cases though, you will still need to be sure to contain the proper electric power brick, as neither of them phone comes having a charging mettre?à?jour in the pack.

S22 vs S22+

Apart from the clear dissimilarities throughout screen size (6. 1″ vs. 6th. 6 inches) together with overall dimensions (5. 8 x a couple of. 8 x zero. 3 inches together with 5. 9 oz . or 6. a couple of x 2. on the lookout for x 0. 3 or more inches and 6th. 9 ounces), at this time there are a handful of other features of which separate the S22 and S22+. Typically the S22 is constrained to 25-watt feeling stimulated charging even though the S22+ gets 45-watt feeling stimulated charging, with devices also featuring 15W Qi wireless asking and 4. 5W reverse wireless asking (aka wireless electric power share).

Other dissimilarities include slightly more quickly WiFi speeds in the S22+ as a result of support for Wireless 6E (compared to be able to standard WiFi 6th for the S22). The S22+ as well has built-in UWB connectivity, which just isn’t available on typically the S22. UWB is 1 of many methods accustomed to send data some other devices easily via Nearby Promote, though that’s definitely not really a major package since Nearby Promote still works, at the same time less swiftly, above WiFi and Wireless. The other account is that for those aiming to use electronic digital car keys via automakers like AS BMW HYBRID among others, those typically are better and currently have longer ranges employing UWB in comparison with NFC, which might make S22+ the decision for more tech-savvy new car consumers.

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