How to recover lost data from hard drive? solution here

silver hard drive interals
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You may lose your files due to an error, or you are installing a new Windows for your computer, so you lose your files by mistake or many such things, but do not worry, here is the solution to recover your files, but I know before the explanation begins, it is better not to rewrite the hard drive after the files have been deleted from it, meaning that no You add files to it, leave it blank as it is if you want your files to be healthy and free of problems


  • First, download a program Disk Drill from here
  • Another hard disk to recover files on important

After Installing the program open it

Choose your hard drive you want recover it

In my case i choose the second choice WDC …

Then do you want deep scan to recover The largest amount of data follow me

After search complete press on Recover all this window will appear

Choose your hard driver you want to recover it put highly recommended choosing a hard drive that is not used in the process of returning the data to be done correctly

You can also recover some of data by pressing on Show scan results in Explorer


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